I consider my work to be a celebration and reimagining of the everyday and the things that are often overlooked. Frequently I find myself responding, (whether intentionally or not), to political and social contexts that occur around me on a daily basis. My process enables me to connect with the spaces and subjects I photograph and subsequently make sense of them. Through photography I am able to reflect and observe what I see, how I see it and express that experience visually.

Please feel free to get in touch regarding employment opportunities, information about my work or to simply start a dialogue. 


Collaborative Exhibition

The Photo Parlour, Nottingham.

February 13th-18th 2017

AOP Student Awards 2017

AOP Student Awards finalist exhibition. Mother London, London.

July 4th-7th 2017


Shootfilm UK

'Overexposed' Issue, December 2016

'Instant Film' Issue. August 2017

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